Integrated Video Marketing Solutions
Exclusively for Tour Companies

Over the past 8 years ITS has developed a number of video marketing programs exclusively for the companies who operate day tours. Google, Facebook and YouTube have proven that video is the most effective tool to get customers to buy

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Personalized Video Retargeting Advertising

We will target the 90% who abandoned your shopping cart without buying. Plus the 96% of visitors to your site who did not buy during their first visit. We nurture these red hot prospects by sending them follow sales email and we target them with Video Banner ads. These emails & banner ads link to video which include customer testimonials sample. This proved to be the best way to get the prospects to click the buy button.

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Integrated Video Marketing Program

Our comprehensive Integrated Video Marketing program increases traffic to your website & your videos by implementing over two dozen proven strategies. When they watch your tour videos it will playback in our proprietary Intelligent Video Player. The Intelligent Video Player’s monthly sales report will confirm that it converts the prospects watching your videos into “buyers” & “Callers”

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The Most Powerful & Cost Effective Integrated Video Marketing Solution For Tour Companies

Do you want the proven Video Marketing Solution that drives online bookings on your Website, Facebook Page & Sales Emails?