Proven Video Marketing Solution
Generate Bookings on Your Website, FB Page & Sales Emails

Your Monthly Sales Report

If you already believe in video marketing, we are the right partner for your tour company. If you are unsure about video marketing, then your first sales report from our Intelligent Video Player will make you a believer.

Intelligent Video Player™

You already have a “Book It” button on your website, but you want more customers to book tours. Solution: Replace YouTube on your website with the Intelligent Video Player™

The Intelligent Video Player™ increases awareness & simplifies booking/calling/texting/viewing by customizing the video correctly for Mobile vs Desktop adding the “One-Touch Menu”



  • “When I signed in 2007 I underestimated how this video marketing program would evolve. Really what ITS does for me is perfect, their knowledge is unmatched, in the past decade I have not met any video marketing company that is in the same league.” 
    GM Grayline Orlando

An Integrated Video Marketing Solution
Exclusively for Tour Companies

Recognizing the power of ”streaming” video In 2007, ITS Interactive Travel solution ( launched a video
marketing program exclusively for the companies who operate day tour. Since then ITS has produced
over 3,000 tourvideos in 60 cities around the world - Library.

For the past 5 years ITS has focused on increasing the effectiveness of direct sales on tour companies’ websites
by addressing the biggest challenges in Video Marketing.

  • Full integration of video into all sales channels
    ITS’s Solution: integration into over 7 marketing channels
  • Higher conversion rate- most day tour companies use YouTube for video playback on their website, but YouTube’s goal is to steal the viewers’ attention and they are very effective at it.
    ITS’s Solution: we created the Intelligent Video Player that keeps visitors on your site
  • Massive Video Distribution - Most tour companies upload their videos to Youtube only.
    ITS’s Solution: is to distribute your videos/media to Google search, connected TVs, cars, video share sites… literally dozens of sites and services
  • Longer Viewership - A growing percentage of viewers do not watch the videos until the end.
    ITS’s Solution: Using Video Heat map tools, our proven strategies significantly increase viewership.
  • Clear Results Reporting - Few tour companies monitor their Google analytics and sales tracking.
    ITS’s Solution: By tracking everything, new strategies can be implemented and improvements can be monitored, which is what ITS does constantly, on behalf of our clients.

Who agrees that Video is the most Effective Tool to turn “Lookers” into “Buyers” on your Website?

Everybody! Google, Facebook & YouTube, Frobers, Online Publishing Association, Wista, Brightcove,
Web Video Marketing Council, Hubspot, Vidyard...

We recognized the strength of streaming video in 2007. Since then, all the major marketing firms have
published surveys confirming streaming video is the most effective tool to get bookings.

Personalized Video Retargeting

92% of marketing managers rate ‘retargeting’ as the most cost effective “paid” method to get new customers We can enhance
the video marketing program with Personalized Video
Retargeting. ITS can turn your lost hot prospects
into buyers using video retargeting advertising.

  • Lost buyers: on average, 90% will abandon your shopping cart without buying.
  • First time visitors: 96% of visitors to your site do not buy during their first visit.
  • We nurture these red hot prospects by targeting them with video banner ads. These banner ads link to videos that include customer testimonials (see sample). This has been proved to be the best way to get the prospects to click the buy button.