Intelligent Video Player

Simply stated, If You Want More Direct Bookings,
Install the Intelligent Video Player ™

1. Rather Using YouTube for video playback on your website, replace it with our Intelligent Video Player. Our Video Player will increase user`s clicking on: “Book it”,”Click to Call” & “Watch”.

2. You Will Receive Monthly Sales Report (sample) of the total sales & calls generated from prospect watching Video in the Intelligent Video Player

Mobile & Desktop users shop &
connect & buy in totally different ways

We’ve proven that if you treat them differently you get more

online sales When you treat them differently, it is simpler, with fewer mouse clicks or traps. They book more often. Our Intelligent Video player is solely designed to make prospects click the “book it” button. (Unlike YouTube, which is designed to steal your customers.)

Mobile User’s Presentation

When the Video Plays Vertical
Majority of Mobile users watch video vertically. We use the space below the video window and display our “One Touch Menu”. This increases awareness & makes just “one click” to book, call & watch. Click to call is 1# most popular feature of mobile website, why hide it.

Add a “Call To Action Video”
When the mobile video ends you have the option to play generic or have custom “Call to Action” video - demo. We have proven if you tell the viewer to book and call with Call To Action Video. Plus “One Touch Menu”makes super simple with just one click.

The Ending Mobile “One Touch Menu”
The Intelligent Video Player then displays the “One Touch menu” which increases awareness and simplicity, which increases sales... This menu allows the users to call, book or watch more tour videos with just one click, opposed to 2- 6 clicks of the mouse. Only when your reservation office is open it displays the “Click to Call” button.

Desktop User’s Presentation

Most Tour websites sell 2 – 6 tours which have individual sub pages for each tour listing. This requires the viewer to click many times to access each sub page to access each tour video. Our Desktop “One Touch Menu” allows Users to see all tours, with price, description, length of the tour all on one web page. We recommend add the intelligent Video Player as add as a “Video Gallery” on Desktop & mobile site.

Stop let Youtube Steal your Customer, nothing free in life

This Intelligent Video Player was solely designed to get the viewers to click the “book it” and “call” button. Did you know that if you use YouTube for video playback on your website, YouTube steals your customers? Read “The good, bad ugly of YouTube Marketing”. Instead, upgrade to use our Intelligent Video Player on your website, Facebook and emails as receive sales Report. Does YouTube send you sales report.

Proven Video Marketing Solution
Generate Bookings on Your Website, FB Page & Sales Emails