Video Retargeting

Heres how Personalized Video Retargeting turns your “lost Prospects” into “Buyers”

Invest $100 in a trial. There is no cost for displaying the Retargeting Video Banner ad which amazing as prospects keep seeing your tour company name. The we target 4 different prospects groups - see below. These prospects have been on your website before, the only reason why click on Ad and return as they interested in buying now as the timing is right. It cost you approximately $1 when they click on the Retargeting Ad and return. They are 70% more likely to purchase on the return visit

Industry Facts on Retargeting

“26% of the Customer who Abandon Shoppers and did not buy, will click on Retargeting Ad & return to buy”

“89% of Consumers are: Neutral, Positive or Very Positive on “ReMarketing Ads”, as it is a Reminder of a Product or Service they have Shown Interest in”

“46% of Search Engine Marketers believe Retargeting is the most underused online Marketing technology for small businesses. Google, Facebook Retargeting Ads Generate $42 Billion Online sales in 2017”

“ It’s just a Matter of time before Tourist Attractions & Tours Industry catch on as well. Which is why your Attraction/tour Company should get in on the action! and do it well before your Competitors even make it to the table” source Mascola
More Retargeting Facts

If You Own Tour Company. Here Facts
why you Want ITS to manage Retargeting Advertising

1. Superior Video Playback with our Intelligent Video Player watch video

2. More leads/Prospects & Custom Pitches
We Target & Nurture 4 Unique Hot Groups of Prospects

3. More Effective Ads – Upgrade to Motion/Video Ads
Get Higher Click through rate with Video Ads, no extra charge

4. We have a Higher Conversion/buy rate
By using Customer Testimonials videos to win the sale.

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The Four Groups of “Lost Prospects” we target:

Abandoned Shopping Cart Buyers: These are Red Hot Prospects
90% of your customers who click the ‘book it’ button on average do not complete the purchase

Chat and Email Inquirers: These are Hot Prospects
Customer who have emailed or used your chat are 45% more likely to buy

Visitors to your website: These are Warmer Prospects
96% of first-time visitors will not buy on first visit, so you need to re-engage them!

Visitors on Facebook: These are Warm Prospects, ready for personalized video retargeting

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